Why can't it be simple?!

here is another one, this time it's - software.

Oh, but not just software, we'll talk about unneccesary complications with instalation of software, even before it starts.

So here is our todays contender - new Microsoft Live package. Sure, sounds fine, mail, photos, messenger, lots of sharing of everything (photos, blogging etc)

But here is the catch.

First of - why do I always have to get local version of their software?! I hate it. I trully hate them for pushing it to me. Cos' I want my software in english, as I can't stand all those new inventions in local languages. Belive me, you don't want to see "wizzard" translated localy, and specialy you don't want to translate "paste" (sounds more like "stick-it" when translated to my local language).

So let's get back to pushing those unwandted versions. For God's sake, why can't they put an option to download version I like. Is it so hard to put in ONE SIMPLE DROPDOWN LIST with all the languages?! Maybe I have English Windows, while living in China, but want Italian messenger because of some weird reason. And dropdown list is real easy to do, don't you think?!

So, here, if someone wants english "Live package", instead a localized one I've found a link -
Though they have a same way of installing like Google does, you pick components while on web page, and there after you get a small installer tool which installs whatever you've picked. So I can't vouch that you'll get what you've asked for. But you can try starting download in your local language, but than click a link I've posted.. worked for me.

But once that's over and you want to start installing you'll probably get a notification that you need Windows Update Agent of a newer version. Don't worry, it's only if you don't use Microsoft and/or Windows update. I don't. So where do you get it?
Simple! You Google, than browse a bit, than get to a MS MSDN article, which says to download a CAB file, than get a tool to unpack it, than unpack it, you get an XML file, you open it (don't need a tool for that luckily, Notepad works fine), and in it you have a link, just pick one for your version. Simple isn't it? Like it wouldn't be easier to just pust this link in the article?!

Ofcourse, this is just for x86, but it's what most ppl need anyway. You can try doing it my way if you need it for another version :P :D

So once that's that, and if you got lucky for setup to install just (and all) of what you wanted to - you've got your software package.

Now, kill me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it be easier just to have one page which says:
Live mail - 1MB - download
Live Messanger 10MB - downlaod
Windows Live Update Agent or whatever XP x86 - 5MB - download
Windows Live Update Agent or whatever XP x64 - 6MB - download

Well,t hat's it for todays rants. Actualy one more - even though it's out of beta, live.com still says BETA on front page :D

I'll probably comment on software once it gets installed and tried :P For now I just turned Live messenger 8.5 on, and it looks mostly the ame with only skin changed :D

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