Graphics cards names and models - ain't it a mess?!

Well, here is the "probably won't be read by many ppl" comment I've left on a site.

For the record, it was a comment on this article:

I've modified if a bit, but i'm sure original will be show on the above URL in a day or so..

So let's get to it. ATI iintroduced new numbering scheme. Nice, real nice. But what about others? And what about people that says things like:
" personally don't like it. I like to browse a website and rapidly see a big capital letter PRO, XT or XTX it would only be difficult to understand if you don't have too much common sense. I don't like numbers because I have now to look in between numbers instead of looking at fancy letters to the right of the whole thing. I think it may be more easy to understand what's the higher end product, but makes it a little bit difficult(slower) to read."

Well, here is what I think. First off, I think that above comment is by posted by "I know all, I'm the techie" kind of person. But not everyone is. And not everyone wants to be one.

For me? I'm all for it.. Let's change those stupid names/models once and for all.

Actualy, first off - I'm sick and tired of looking for info about 8600 GT just to see ones about 8600 GTS or 8800 GT poping up, or anything in between..

I'm all for simplicity. Hey, I'd even make it simpler, just name them 1001 for first generation lowest card, than 1002 for next etc.. and adding numbers as they bring out new faster parts. Than as completely new architecture goes out start with 2001.. That would make 2400 PRO a 2001, than XT 2002, than 2600 PRO 2003, XT 2004, 2005 for XT with GDDR4 (don't you hate those same-name-different-specs parts?!?) etc..

And in particular what I hate most are parts like 8800GTS and "new" 8800GTS. How the hell should a buyer know?! Will they write it on a box saying "This is not old slower-than-8800GT; this is new and improved faster-than-8800GT-GTS-model!!" Nope. Was same with x1650PRO if I remember correctly, and renaming new parts to old names and stuff like that.. Not to mention "new" was actualy slower than the old one.. something like this GT-GTS thingie we have with nVidias 8800 models at the moment.

So for manufacturers, and their marketing, maybe it's good.
For people that are all into it and have a choice to enter store, take an employee to take them to their warehouse to hand-pick the product, either by weekly production dates or something else, it doesn't matter much. But not everyone can do it. Hell, if you buy online noone can do it.
So for an average Joe it's a low-down tricks and nothing else. And a lot of headaches too :P

While at it, I'd forbid them to make those 8600 GT's with 1.2ns GDDR3, and 8600 GT with 1.4ns GDDR3 - while having a same name - just as well. Nvidia/ATI(AMD) makes specs. So make 10 models, give them 1005 for 8600 GT 1.4ns, 1006 for 1.3ns, 1007 for 1.2ns.. If you're unsure of the number of variants put 5 numbers space between. And make all other variants of as well. You're hardly going to have 999 variants inside same generation of chip architecture anyway...

Well, that's my 2 cents.

Now let's hear you ppl - what do you think? Let the flames begin ;) Maybe in a few years they'll listen to the majority :)

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