Kill the DRM...

I'll just copy paste a real good comment from a certain Oliver Jones posted as an answer to this article - http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/news/2007/11/22/kill-drm

The pirated product is actually better, these days...
Whether it is software, DVDs or CDs, the pirates have actually managed to make the user experience suprerior to that of the original product.
I'm sick of having to watch a two-minute clip of how PIRACY IS A CRIME, every time I put a DVD in my player - or worse, adverts (and sometimes not being able to skip them!) It's why I invested in AnyDVD - best software I ever bought. Some DVDs don't even play on my DVD player (the Back to the Future trilogy that I bought, for example). My DVD player wasn't cheap, either - but I have been forced to rip the so-called copy-protected DVDs, so I could burn them and watch them as intended.
This tragically illustrates the irony here: They've made a product that only pirates can use! The copy protection clearly doesn't work (otherwise I wouldn't have been able to copy the discs, would I?) - yet the protection stymies the punter who knows nothing about ripping DVDs, decrypting and re-burning them (which, by the way, would be most people who buy DVDs). Big question time: What's the point?
As for my music collection, I actually don't want to have to lug CDs around whenever I want to access my tunes, so ripping them is the obvious solution. No major label has yet twigged on to the fact that I'd fall for FLAC music tracks like a squirrel would fall on the last nut on Earth. Instead, they are experts at marketing music I would personally *NEVER* buy. And guess what? I haven't bought any of this over-compressed, locked-down MP3/AAC crap. At the same time, now that they've wrecked CDs with their "protection" (and occasional rootkit), I've stopped buying them too - they're too much of a security risk.
What about software? As an owner of genuine Microsoft and Adobe software, I've had to put up with extremely irritating "activation" - whereas I'm fully aware that the pirates have been laughing at me for being so foolish. Well, next time I might actually go for the superior usability of pirated software - and not buy the original. Hell, even a pirated version of the original software I *already* own licences for is something I'd class as an upgrade...
This has all been blindingly obvious for many, many years. What next? They discover the Earth really was round, after all?

posted by : Oliver Jones, 22 November 2007

He had said it all, I've just accented interesting parts..

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